Saturday, 13 April 2013

White Chocolate Bavarois with Orange Jelly, Cinnamon fumes and Rhubarb Caviar


White Chocolate bavarois  Video Link

Ingredients (8 portions)

240ml Crème Anglaise

240ml Double cream (Half whipped)

15g Leaf Gelatine

100g White Chocolate (Melted)


1. Soak the gelatine in cold water.

2. Whilst Anglaise in still warm add Gelatine melt and mix in melted white chocolate.

3. When the mixture is cool and about ready to set, fold in the whipped cream and pour on top of the dariole mould and set completely.

4. To de-mould the bavarois dip the mould in hot water and loosen edges before turning out decorate with cream and fruits.

Gellan Gum Orange Jelly Wrapper Video Link

250ml Orange scented Liquid

2.5g Gellan Gum

5g Maltodextrin

Mix the Maltodextrin and Gellan gun together then using a hand blender mix well into the liquor, put in a pan and cook out until clear, pour onto a plate and cool and put in fridge to set before cutting into shapes.

Rhubarb Caviar   Video Link

300ml Poaching/flavoured liquid

3g Sodium Alginate

20 Castor sugar and flavour

Mix the sugar and Sodium alginate together and slowly add to the poaching liquid on a machine at slow speed continue to mix for 5 minutes, then rest for another 5minutes before using.

Make a Calcium bath by mixing 5g Calcium chloride into 500ml water –

Using a syringe drop droplets of the mixture into the calcium bath mix a little and allow to sit for 3 mins to form balls, before removing and raising in cold water. They are now ready to serve.

Cinnamon Fumes Video Link

Simply add cinnamon flavour water to dry ice to get a cinnamon fog to infuse into the desserts